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Our Focus

Since our incorporation in January 2014, NYCCC has become a reliable voice in the construction industry and an invaluable resource to City policy makers. We advocate for our industry by focusing on policy making, legislative affairs, stakeholder engagement and communication.

Policy Making

NYCCC does not create or enact policies. Instead, the organization participates in policy initiatives discussions presented by City government.

Legislative Affairs

NYCCC works with the New York City Council weighing in on policy proposals and legislation impacting the construction industry. We also serve as a valuable resource and educator on topics where our expertise and guidance are crucial to ensure that safety and efficiency are at the forefront in any policy decisions that are made.

Stakeholder Engagement

We partner and build coalitions with other New York City stakeholder groups in the construction, real estate, and trade sectors in order to broaden our impact. These coalitions make us formidable and more effective at influencing policy, giving us an even greater voice for change.


Our internal Codes Committee reviews and disseminates proposed City agency rules and regulations, Mayoral proposals, as well as City Council legislation that has the potential to impact the operations of our member companies. This allows NYCCC to develop a quick and appropriate response whether it be reaching out to proposers, providing comments, or testifying in support or opposition. By having an effective internal line of communication, we ensure that our voice is heard.

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